Touch typing is but also for the liberty of brain (of the front, mainly. | cerebrum, (fore-brain..))


Posted on April 17, 2013 by Neil Kay, Professorial Fellow

 *omit above*   But typing pools have largely gone, while the art of touch typing (which Dvorak was designed for) is by some accounts also now a dying art.

Further, today those who type (including but not exclusively secretaries) typically also have many administrative and managerial tasks other than typing.  *omit following*

QWERTY now | Edinburgh Business School Blog:

I took the phrase as so  arbitrary cutting-out, though.

Touch typing is but also for the liberty of fore-brain ,cerebrum , not only for without looking at keyboard and keeping manuscript in sight or on going outputs on character display LCD in sight.

I've been writing farther more in Japanese. I might be going to write English version later on  if I want..

Economy of touch typing --qwerty-history.jp

Economy of touch typing  or  The source of exhibiting brain power by the blind, visually impaired person   - eggs of thoughts - stems

The points  are:

  1. verse versa
  2. pepera pelo
  3. hogehoge hogehoge  ? Where on QWERTY?  .. unix c literature..

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