My comment to a blog article: "The QWERTY problem" by Neil Kay, Professorial Fellow, and Marked as spam

  • It might not seem as DISQUS, maybe.  Then let's discuss later on.
*.. is AS follows*
"The QWERTY problem" was close to some of what I wanted to say.

Some of Stickney patents might be written with the thoughts of the related things, I think.
http://www.google.com/patents/US889344 and

I knew your work a day ago or so. The mentioned on my following url article was some of I wanted to write.

Some of my blogs or articles on web have got claim to close from Mr. ZYX ... .SE?orZ... . So sometimes you can't see them.

About Stickney's Ideas about collision of adjacent typebars:

Your Drawings or Diagrams are very neat. The following involves some of mine as generalized mapping, looks rude.

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