I asume there are three or four lineages of drawings having different taste each.

I assume there are three or fourlineages of drawings having different taste each.
  1. One is drawings of Glidden's taste.
    Heavy typebasket drawings. Heavy touch of drawing. Painted in black area ratio is high. Rigid on perspective view. :  For example, Patent filed maybe in 1867. And the drawing of the mechanism on the Scientific American.  Glidden handed off his hole design and drawings in early, so they were inherited by Sholes. And at the last in 1889 or 1890, those drawings were patented by name of Sholes. Those drawings having two or three rows of keys or buttons and complicated linkege, and patented to Sholes at the latest around 1889-1890.  I think Glidden didn't drow by himself but Someone hired drew.
  2. Next is Soule's taste. Mainly wooden. Succeeded to Sholes' patent USxxxx, in 1870.
  3. The Last is Schwallback' taste. And this is ancsested to Sholes. These looks not so neat, have same angle of drawings.
  4. If adding to above, the later Sholes' style

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