Japanese has come up a hundred years late as a touch typist of ordinary person.

  • 13th century Mongol invasion of Europe
  • 1276 - 1291 The Travels of Marco Polo
  • 14th-15th century   the voyages of Zheng He's fleet
  • 1492 - 1500 Voyages of Christopher Columbus
  • 1519-1522 Magellan's circumnavigation
  • 1600 East India Company (EIC)
  • 1833  Hardy, Ezekiel, Captain. In Moby-Dick. He is a whaling captain killed by a sperm whale off the coast of Japan in 1833
  • 1839 to 1842 The First Opium War 
  • 1852-1854 Perry Expedition: The Opening of Japan,
  • 1856 to 1860 the Second Opium War 
  • 1857 Indian Rebellion of 1857(Sepoy Mutiny)
  • 1861 - 1865 American Civil War
  •  1867-1868(-69,70) Sholes or his companies around made crude typewriter having keyboards begins from ABC... having typebars pulled by wire with key operation.
      M. &/or K. Yasuoka (2011,2009,200x) presume some machine that had typebars kicked up with key operation was  delivered and used as educational usage at Porter's telegraph college, of those keys begins from ABC... and ends up by ZYX... Becouse of  training usage by emulating the printing teregraph? Porter did not say out emulation, but only seemed to say on superiority to hand writing if using typewriter.
  •  1868 to 1869 Boshin War:a civil war in Japan  : This was fought with many of arms used in American Civil War.
  •  1872 The Type-writer was introduced on Scientific American, having a keyboard with a row of keys lining as QWERTYIUO-
  •  1873-1874 Sholes and Glidden Type-Writer came to market, a row as QWERTYUIOP
  •  1888 Dec. McGurrin wrote an article of "Typewriting without looking at the keyboard"or so as a letter to a magazine or so.
  • Japan , Manchuria , something 
    •   Manchuria ! I 've just known this word. We Japanese might pay no sense for Chinese or Jurchens to call Manshu, too little attention.
  • 1936-1938 Karel Čapek  wrote something  worrying about the Japanese invasion of Chinese Manchuria .
  • 1937-1941 Japan had been going to be surrounded by the network circular line of ABCD encirclement.
  • And mint exports from Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan shrunk.
  • 1941 December,  Pearl Harbor attack, and so on..   
    • This was said to make US Gov.,army and industries produce only  QWERTY Typewriters and choke Dvorak keyboards. Japan enforced QWERTY's share expansion from the  far distance, from the opposite west side rim of the Pacific ocean beyond Pearl Harbor. 
  • 1944 October(unpowered), November(powered):  First flight of the aircraft nicknamed as Baka
  • 1945 March 10th: Tokyo bombs, August: the A-bombs exploded some hundred meters above Hiroshima on 6th and Nagasaki on 8th each, and so on..

So the last World war was over.
Some Japanese industrialist examined American offices, and concluded little documentation efficacy of them-selves far inferior to  those of beyond the sea , Americans and Europeans have.

It had been done  some report  say like this.

So, in this stream line,  Hisao Yamada wrote about typing history.
Also, Japanese word processor had done as for a language having number of character sets over a bite.

New comers as ordinary touch typists. So, everything may feel fresh and new for them, if they are touch typists actually.

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